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Is there a specific tool your company needs to improve performance? Check out the following tools available from Bitrix24.


Bitrix24 CRM helps your company stop missing opportunities from miscommunication. Happy customers are worth their weight in gold, so keeping them happy helps your company grow. Putting them at the heart of the company processes is the purpose of a great CRM tool.


Easily integrate your telephone system with a CRM tool. When using our telephony solution, you will never miss another call or forget to record the client information received. Now you can easily track every conversation, including storing it directly to a CRM tool for use in the future.

Tasks and Projects

Stay on top of tasks with Bitrix24. Whether you are assigning the tasks or fulfilling assignments, our solution can provide you with the most efficient tools. Organized tasks helps team members to avoid missed deadlines or delayed deadlines.

Website and Online Store Builder

Increase customer service with our website tools for chatting and CRM forms. We don’t just help you make a website, but we help support it with everything you company needs to be successful.

Contact Center

Today email, telephone, social media, instant messenger, web forms, live webchats, and more are all available. When your company is easier to contact, they have more potential for building relationships.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is an excellent tool for storing and sharing the information relating to a specific subject.


Keeping everyone informed of important dates can save the HR department a lot of work. Bitrix24 even has a feature to communicate within the calendar for easier use. It’s as simple as scheduling, syncing, and sharing. The best part is that it only takes a few clicks.


Bitrix24 has all the online meeting tools in one place: live feed, chats, phone calls, video calls, and more!

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